Thank you for checking out my new blog. I intend to use these blogs to discuss trends and techniques in plastic surgery, as well as share related (and sometimes unrelated) items of interest.

As a start, I plan to share my personal views on the nature of plastic surgery itself. I believe that successful cosmetic surgery is really about making each patient happy with the way he or she looks. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, including a spouse or significant other, a parent or a child. If it bothers you, fix it; if it doesn’t, let it be. There is only one opinion that matters: yours. If we’re going to achieve this, you and I have to be very clear with each other about exactly what you do and don’t like, and about exactly what I can and can’t do, about the chances of success and complications, and then you can make the right decision for yourself. This is a slow process; it’s the opposite of the cookie cutter approach where everyone gets the same nose, or the same look. We’ll have a conversation until we’re both on the “same page”, no matter how much time it takes, or how many visits.

Please visit often; stay in touch.

Dr. Michael Moses