Hedgewood Guest Suites for Overnight Recovery

The Hedgewood Guest Suites are an excellent choice for our patients who wish to recover in a private, medically supervised facility. Spending the first night after surgery here relieves your family and friends of the burden of patient care and gives you additional peace of mind.

Hedgewood Guest SuitesWhen you spend the first night after surgery at the Hedgewood Guest Suites, there is no need to be transported to another location for recovery. In fact, the guest rooms are located on the very same floor in the Hedgewood Surgical Center where Dr. Moses performs surgery. By choosing to recover in the Hedgewood Guest Suites, you can avoid leaving the center with surgical dressings, which adds an extra measure of privacy for our patients.

Hedgewood fireplaceEach of the elegant Hedgewood Guest Suites includes all the amenities you may need for your stay. Decorated with soothing colors and elegant furnishings, each room has a king-size, antique four-poster bed. Bedside reading lamps and cable television help you enjoy your quiet recovery time. There is also a comfortable reading chair beside the fireplace and a couch for guests. Windows offer a view of a quiet side street, the lovely oak trees, and the St. Charles Avenue streetcar.

Hedgewood bathroomEach room has an elegant marble bathroom and convenient closet. Additionally, each room has a kitchenette equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, silverware, and dishes. Patients are provided with a healthy, gentle diet designed especially for post-operative recovery. Your guests may order from a number of excellent New Orleans restaurants within the vicinity.

Please feel free to ask for a tour of the Hedgewood Guest Suites when you visit our office.

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