Michael H. Moses, MD, FACS

Removal of Breast Implants in New Orleans

Many women seek the expertise of Dr. Moses when they are having emotional or physical difficulties with their implants from previous breast augmentation surgery. Breast implant removal surgery, known as explantation, can be performed by Dr. Moses for a number of reasons:

  • Dissatisfaction – a patient may simply wish to remove her implants because they no longer suit her lifestyle, her priorities have changed, or she has gained weight in the breasts and no longer needs implants.
  • Capsular Contracture – tightness around the implants, hard implants or breasts is termed “capsular contracture,” which presents as overly firm and spherical breasts that look unnatural.
  • Implant Malposition – poor placement of one or both implants can result in an unnatural appearance (too high, too close, too far apart, unequally placed).
  • Rippling – rippling can occur when implants are placed in an area that lacks adequate soft tissue to cover the implant, or when a saline implant is not sufficiently filled. Saline implants ripple more than do silicone implants.
  • Implant Leakage or Rupture – breast implants can rupture. This can result in immediate deflation of saline implants, with obvious effects on a woman’s appearance, or slow deflation of silicone implants.

Dr. Moses can remove your implants under either light general anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with IV sedation. The removal is usually done through an incision in the existing scar.

Recovery from Breast Implant Removal

If Dr. Moses only removes your implants, the pain will be minimal. Post-operative discomfort should be controlled with oral medication. Within one day you can shower and continue non-strenuous work. Strenuous work may resume after 1-2 weeks. If the capsules (scar tissue) are removed, the discomfort will be similar to the discomfort experienced after the initial augmentation procedure. If you choose not to replace the removed implants with new ones, Dr. Moses may recommend a breast lift (mastopexy) to address any sagging or loose breast skin that may result from no longer having implants.