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Update on Coronavirus 2020

As of Thursday, March 19 our offices are closed. 

We have closed because of the executive orders of our Mayor and Governor, and because it’s the right thing to do. Staying open would have unnecessarily put our patients and ourselves at greater risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus and could have contributed to the spread of the virus among us. For now, staying home is clearly the right thing for all of us to do.

The Governor’s executive order mandates closure through April 21, so we’re currently planning on re-opening on Wednesday, April 22. Obviously, this is still a long way off and the office schedule could change in either direction. We will get hold of scheduled patients directly, if necessary, to re-schedule their appointments. You are encouraged to call or email as early as possible to reschedule surgeries, injections and office visits as we anticipate being fully booked for a significant time after we re-open. If you need to reach us, you can leave a message on our office phone 504-895-7200, or can email B.E. at be@drmoses.com, or in an emergency can call the answering service at 504-779-2061. 

If patients need to be seen while we are closed, we will attempt to take care of as much as we can via telemedicine, i.e. by Facetime or Skype. If patients need our attention in person, we will do our best to make arrangements to meet them at the office.

In the meantime, be safe: Wash your hands; practice social distancing; make positive use of your free time; and stay at home.

Michael Moses, MD

Rev 3/20/20

It is all about you. Plastic surgery is not about making people pretty, thin, sexy, or younger. When plastic surgery works, it changes people who were unhappy about their appearance to being happy about how they look. The key element is for you, the patient, to like the way you look. To get there, we need to hear what you want. Dr. Moses and his team will help you achieve the natural-looking plastic surgery results that you want.

Dr. Moses featured on the cover of New Orleans Magazine’s Best Doctors issue

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On your first visit to our office, Dr. Moses will talk with you about your wants, priorities, and concerns. This individualized approach lets you communicate your feelings about your appearance, and it helps Dr. Moses fully understand your goals. He will then give you choices, as well as educate you to help you choose among these options until you arrive at an individualized plan just for you. We want you to look the way you want to look.

Our office is in an old mansion that overlooks St. Charles Avenue and the Garden District. It doesn’t look or feel like the doctor’s offices you are used to. In this relaxing setting, you can learn about plastic surgery, have your procedure, and if you choose, recover with us.

Dr. Moses performs the full range of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures including facelifts; liposuction; breast augmentation, lifts, and reduction; rhinoplasty; eyelid surgery; and abdominoplasty. Dr. Moses’ hospital affiliations include Children’s Hospital, Touro Infirmary, Ochsner Baptist, Hedgewood Surgical Center. We think you’ll appreciate the combination of an elegant facility, an outstanding board-certified plastic surgeon, a caring staff, and natural-looking results.

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